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The Career Academy for Young Scientists... a new online self-study course package especially for young scientists! based on six popular courses from The Scientist Coach. These are now available in a new online format for flexible and self-paced learning!
...covers the entire career planning process - from the fundamental questions "Who am I, what can I do, what do I want?" to the specific application and preparation for interviews!
...also offers you individual 1:1 coaching and support in the application process.

Course Overview

Career & Life Goals

Understanding your values, interests, and goals is the foundation of career planning. This course supports you in self-reflection to better understand yourself and your goals. You'll gain clarity and direction for your future career path.

Discover your competencies

Young scientists often struggle with identifying and explaining their competencies. In this course, you will analyze your competencies through a systematic process and identify your strengths to create a compelling competency profile.


In today's job market, networking and being present on professional social networks is essential to advance one's career. This course provides skills and knowledge to build professional relationships - offline and online.

Explore your options

With so many career options to choose from, young scientists are often unsure of which career paths are right for them. This course offers guidance and practical tools to help you navigate the job market, and also introduces you to popular careers.

Job applications

Young scientists often lack experience in applying for jobs and do not know how to respond to typical interviewing questions. This course provides best practices for creating customized application materials and tips on how to ace the interview.

Staying relaxed

The PhD and Postdoc phase is an exciting and challenging time. You invest a lot of time, energy and passion into your project, and then there's the job search on top of it! Take a break - with this special online / outdoor course!

Coaching & Consultations

Job Application Coaching

Have you been invited to a job interview and want to be as prepared as possible? We'll help you with a personalised job application coaching.

Job Application Check

Are you applying for jobs outside academia and wondering whether your documents are convincing? In the application check you will receive detailed feedback from us.

Get our freebies:

Careers outside academic research

What career opportunities are there outside of academic research? What exactly do you do there and what competencies do you need? This freebie provides insights into real examples from professional world. This growing collection includes interviews with PhDs working outside of academic research.

Grow your career! - Checklist

What is career planning and what can you do to prepare for your next step? This checklist gives you an overview of the different aspects of career planning and serves as a guide to organize your career planning and track your progress!

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