Are you applying for jobs outside of academia?

Are you wondering whether your documents are convincing?

Our team member Dr. Sarah de Carvalho Hartmann, HR expert and application coach, is happy to help you with your application.

The application check includes:
  1. Checking the content of your cover letter and CV for
    • Completeness
    • How it matches the advertised position
    • Order & Structure
    • Spelling & Grammar
  2. Written feedback and suggestions for improvement
  3. 20-minute consultation with Sarah (by phone or video conference)
How to book and get started:
  1. After booking the application check, you send us your documents (cover letter, CV and a copy of the job advert) either by email or make them available for download. (Please send your documents in Word format if possible, so that Sarah can correct and comment on your documents with track changes. If Word is not possible, pdf format is an alternative)
  2. You will receive written feedback by email within 5 working days.
  3. You will arrange a meeting with Sarah. During the meeting, Sarah will answer any questions you may have about your application and will be happy to give you interview tips and suggestions for improving your application.
Get help with your application now!