Building a ring with layers
Course description

Layers that occur in nature, such as in slate, have fascinated me for a long time. My aim was to bring nature and geometric bodies together. I came up with the idea of a ring with layers in many variations.

In this course I would like to explain step by step how to make one of these rings. This means that you can watch me making a ring. The motto for me was, follow the example.
The result was
6 videos with a total length of just over 4 hours, in which I explain the whole process and procedure.

For each video you can also download a list with the subtitles and the time information for the video. This can help you find the sequences in the video. It is an advantage to watch the videos before you start working. I also recommend that you download all the PDF material and eventually print it out. This takes time, but it gives you the opportunity to get to grips with the work you will be doing. You get to know and understand the procedures. In addition, you can get the necessary material and tools beforehand.

Furthermore, I offer one-to-one support to clarify any questions. For this I use the platform "Zoom", where you can book a time slot in my diary.
For simpler questions you can also contact me by email, I will answer your questions promptly.
Something else very important!
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This group is about the exchange between participants of my online courses. As the social aspect is missing in the online courses, I hope to cushion this somewhat in this group. I hope for a lively exchange of ceramic specific questions and solutions. I would like to answer as many questions as possible that arise during an online course! So register and join the group!

Now I wish you a lot of fun, paired with the necessary patience!

Course plan

Video construction techniques
Video 01 Building the ring
Video 02 Building the ring
Video 03 Building the ring
Video 04 Building the ring
Video 05 Surface treatment and firing
Produce Stand space example