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Video 03 Building the ring
Video 03 Structure of the ring


Overview of the chapter: 
Video length: 55 Min.
What you need:  Same material as video 01
I'm glad you're with us today. See you in the video!  Jürg
Here you can find the PDF with the subtitles and timings for video 03.
this can help you find the different parts of the video faster and easier
What to watch out for:
Do not press or hit the dent or indentation too deeply with the round bar or rolling pin. The indentation should be about 15 to 20 mm. At the outer diameter can optionally be pressed in. (Instead of cutting away with the loop as I show it in the video)) the inner diameter better not change. It looks nicer and more coherent in the end with unchanged inner diameter.
Sketch of the indentation near the ring

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