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Video 02 Building the ring
Video 02 Building the ring


What you should pay attention !

  • Try to build the outer and inner walls as parallel as possible, i.e. at the same time. Always finish a rounding with the beads.  Outside, then inside, etc. You keep the overview.  It is also easier to reach the inner wall.

Overview of the chapter: 
  Video duration : ca.  56 Min.

  What you need: same material as in video 01
                                     In the download 
                                 you will find photos of the tools and utensils
                                Subtitles with time information to the video you will find in the download  
I'm glad you joined me for this video and work steps.

See you in the video, Jürg

Here you can find the subtitles with time information for video 02.pdf
which can help you to find the individual sequences
Template with the strips to make the inside with radius perfect
Always check wall thickness everywhere with needle and finger!

Here again the template with the mounted bars to make the inside of the ring as perfect as possible !

Ready? Let's continue in the next chapter!