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What does the stand for?
loaded_image stands for coaching, training and consulting. All 3 fields of activity are offered and carried out both online and live, on site.

The foundation of the academy is Lo'Shu Astrology and the derived Eastern teachings of Feng Shui, Tao Geomancy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as natural medicine, with breath training.

Emotional Balance, Omega Healing, Positive Mental Attitude and Energy Medicine map the Western teachings. Through the holistic East-West view and application, solutions can be found in over 98% of all issues, which are very effective.

Feng Shui begins in the person...

We know Feng Shui in relation to the real estate, that is, house, apartment or office. However, it turns out that if only a Feng Shui consultation of the property is done, significant challenges can arise for the users.

Was Feng Shui in this moment wrong, inaccurate or even superfluous?...

Coaching and training, for positivity and inner strength 

... no, on the contrary.

The applied Feng Shui has, through the changed energy flows, also changed the power of the property. However, the person in the property has been challenged from the outside, by the Feng Shui, to make changes. This can be very challenging. The new energies of the property meet the old patterns and emotions in the occupant.

Feng Shui consultations with therefore balance, through targeted, included coaching and training, both sides, the user and the property. In this way the human being can perceive the new frequencies of the real estate out of himself. Already from the beginning of the consultation the way of humans and real estate is walked harmoniously. Positivity and inner strength flow in harmony.

Online courses that are offered are do it yourself courses. The user generally sets his own pace.

Live coaching sessions conducted by Rainer Wemhöner can be booked as online courses and on-site coaching.

Breathing trainings, which begin in the fall of a year, take place over 12-26 weeks.
Consulting for Business & Office, ancient knowledge of success...

for the professional world of the 21st century, enables companies to achieve higher turnover by reactivating and directing basic energy flows. Harmonious workplaces and satisfied, committed employees, testify to the new Chi. For people who wish to make a career change, the knowledge supports the longed-for career leap.

Lo'Shu Astrology, applied practice in the hiring of new employees, for team or project work or appointments of CEO and board of directors, gives well-founded statements in the selection process.

Measurements of electrical stress in the workplace enable compliance with legal regulations regarding occupational health and safety. offers from the first planning step for new office space, company relocation and in case of rescheduling, the experience for planning and construction of more than 30 years. offers you the option to use the ancient knowledge of success, for the future of your business in the 21st century.

The goal of my work

I love to share my knowledge in a personal and authentic way.

In my younger years I had a mentor from Europe who was my current age. For almost 15 years I have had an Asian grandmaster and mentor who is 80 years old. Another, very experienced, mentor from the USA has also been with me for 13 years. All 3 have taught me one thing.

Knowledge belongs to ALL people, it is from nature, the universe and should be passed on. Prerequisite: It must be transmitted out of love, harmony, joy and in a positive sense. 

I was allowed to see and experience health, financial and human challenges in a positive way with what I learned from my mentors. I am very grateful for that. I was able to learn and grow a lot from this.

Even as a child, I saw myself as a "wise man" who passes on knowledge. Am I wise? That may judge others. My academy gives me the opportunity to follow my goal.

Passing on and transporting my authentic knowledge to you, to all who are open to it. This is the goal of my work.

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