5 Steps to Emotional Freedom Breathing
3-day live coaching near Berlin (10 participants) &
16 weeks online-live-coaching starts 15. November 2022


My warmest welcome!
Emotions, what are they and where do they come from?

Emotions. Part of human life. We need them to exist. We all know them, live with them and cannot avoid them. But how can we direct our emotions so that they support us without unleashing their destructive side?  
Napoleon Hill, who researched about emotions and positive mental attiuide in the begin of last century, said: "In Emotions is explosive power. If you regulate that power properly, it can lift you in heights of achievement. But if you let run it wild, it can dash you in pieces. Most people act first and think or feel about the consequences later. You should learn to think and feel before you act."
The 5 steps to emotional freedom and well-being are not a dream. What matters is whether we are willing to face our emotions and embrace them.

Only that will transform the emotions and resolve conflicts or problems. We can learn to exhale our past, let go and be fully aware of being in the NOW.

The coaching takes place in 2 variants and is suitable for everyone who wants to consciously control their emotional stability and put it on a reliable new basis.

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The benefits
1 - Focus

Nothing happens in life without an action.

In the future, we will be able to control necessary activities in life more consciously.  As a result, we will remain better in emotional balance. However, we also train techniques to get back to the center more quickly after an emotional reaction. This gives our life a new quality.

2 - Breathing

Proper breathing increases vitality & inner strength.

Activity and rest are no longer in balance in our lives today. In breathing training, we learn to restore this balance - to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. As a result, all cells are better supplied with oxygen - a great building block for balance and health.

3 - Willpower

Training and strengthening of willpower.

We will train techniques to strengthen our willpower and pursue goals. We will be able to control strong needs such as junk food, TV, Facebook or smartphone. This will help us stay more emotionally and vital in our power.

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What live.coach.academy customers say
Anja, Niederlande | MasterClass & Privat-Coaching
Rainer's guidance will change you forever! Rainer is a warm person with a genuine interest in people. I wanted to change my life in 2019 and with Rainer's coaching I really took steps to change my attitude and behavior. And that feels very good. Also, the exercises we do in Rainer's MasterClass allow you to trust your
Jasmin, Schweiz | Privat-Coaching, MasterClass, Pferde-Behandlung
Rainer is the BalanceBringer full of resources! - Rainer, you have helped me in many ways.... but most importantly, you have helped me rediscover an important part of me, bringing more balance to myself and my life. Thank you!
Margarita, Deutschland | Privat-Coaching, Jahres-Coachung, Consulting Feng Shui & Geomantie
Hello dear Rainer, I would like to give you a short feedback about our weekend seminar. In this seminar I could feel very clearly how the energies move and take a different direction. For me it was very moving and I could clearly feel the trust and love of the other participants, which inspired me and for the first
Alexander, Deutschland | Happy Healthy Power Breathing 6 Monate 2021, Happy Jealthy Turtle Breathing 12 Wochen 2022
Field report 10 weeks Happy Power Breathing During this time I managed to lose 5 kg of weight in combination with outdoor sports. My pineal gland calcification decreased from 20% to 0%. Lung capacity increased to 95% and internal anger decreased from 40% to 25%. All other organs also improved. The initial heart jumping
Anna, Deutschland | Privat-Coaching, MasterClass, FengShui & Geomantie Haus, Unternehmen & Business Consulting
Life changing journey since 2019 with Rainer - Rainer has a deep expertise and a very practical approach to teaching our MasterClass group. It is amazing to see where we all started and the beautiful results we have achieved under their guidance. He knows what he is doing! When we embark on such a life-changing
live.coach.academy, " I don´t know, what I don´t know"
This is me,

Rainer Wemhöner -  Entrepreneur, Coach & Trainer,
Consultant for Feng Shui & Geomancy

During our first contact, you will notice that perspectives change and new perspectives open up. That is my gift. The large number of individual cases coached, thorough performance reviews and long professional experience make it possible to find individual solutions. Thus we can achieve reliable results in every coaching. Be it professional, private or entrepreneurial issues - I listen. In the process we look for triggers, develop solutions and implement them together. It makes me happy when things then work better. That makes me proud.


My motto:

"I don't know what I don't know".

We humans know a fraction of what there is to know. Every day, together with my clients and friends, I discover things that "we didn't knew, that we didn´t knew that they existed".

I thought 26 years ago, I already know so much about health and can always help myself. Well, then I had a hearing loss and started to study the causes. A new learning began. And suddenly I recognized connections of which I did NOT even suspect that they could exist.

I enjoy passing on in the liVe.coach.academy
what I have learned in my life. Health and success have their own laws. I am sure that everyone will benefit from it.


What I have learned, I will pass on in the live.coach.academy, authentically, with joy and love.
 Because health and success have their own laws. I am sure that everyone can benefit from it.