Breathing Coaching & Training

Time between the first and the last breath of a human being is called LIFE 
Our first breath entices us to come into life. Often it is associated with a first cry. The heart beats, the organs have started their activity. From now on, every breath counts and the wish that the last one may be far away.

How we organize our lives in the "meantime" is up to each of us. The better we breathe, the more energy and power our cells have.

Grandmaster Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim in 2012: "People have lost sight of the power and magic of breathing. Most people breathe so unconsciously that they do not allow themselves to benefit from the magical power of true breathing. Most breathe simply to exist. Breathing is for thriving, expanding and transforming emotions and feelings." 

Breathing, emotions, organs are indispensably connected.   

Breathing, consciously used for well-being, healing and happiness, will significantly change your life. It is important that you are willing to be aware of your breathing daily and consciously relearn it over three to six months.

On 11/15/2022 we will launch online our Fall and Winter 2022/2023 Breathing Program. It is themed " 5 Steps to Breathing Emotional Freedom".

The benefits

live your own breath

  • You become aware of your own breath again. Through this you become aware of your organs and emotions. You begin to lovingly recognize yourself.
  • You leave the stage of existential breathing. Your breath supports you as you grow, thrive and transform.
  • You learn to use your breath to expand your consciousness. Connecting to higher forces is easily possible.

Emotional Freedom

  • You become aware of existing emotional breathing patterns. You notice emerging changes in your breathing rate.
  • You become aware of how emotions cause you to become a person of shallow breathers. You learn to stay in a state of deep breathing.
  • You learn how to control your breath and therefore your emotions. You can change your emotional state.

Oxygen in the cells

  • Oxygen refreshes your brain and strengthens activity. Tiredness and quick exhaustion turn into endurance and vitality.
  • The cells of your body receive much more oxygen. Toxins are flushed out of the cells. New, energetic life begins.
  • Oxygen levels in your blood are substantially increased through breathing. Hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in your tissues is a thing of the past. Your well-being increases.

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What live.coach.academy customers say
David, Ireland | Participant 2021 & 2022
Happy healthy breathing what a great name for this group because after 10 weeks that's exactly how I feel. I definitely feel much healthier and happier. A lot of aches and pains I've had have almost disappeared and I've so much more energy and vitality. It's like everything has slowed down a bit and I'm much more
Alexander, Germany | Participant 2021 & 2022
During this period i managed to lose 5 kg of weight in combination with outdoor sports. My calcification of pinal gland reduced from 20 % to 0 %. Lung capacity increased to 95 % and inner anger was reduced from 40 to 25 %. Also all other organs improved. Some heart jumping from the beginning is totally gone. Now i
Maarten Netherlands | Participant 2022
"Rainer was very supportive and helped create an optimal environment for practice. My breathing awareness and inner feeling improved substantially.”
This is me,

Rainer Wemhöner -  Entrepreneur, Coach & Trainer,
Consultant for Feng Shui & Geomancy

During our first contact, you will notice that perspectives change and new perspectives open up. That is my gift. The large number of individual cases coached, thorough performance reviews and long professional experience make it possible to find individual solutions. Thus we can achieve reliable results in every coaching. Be it professional, private or entrepreneurial issues - I listen. In the process we look for triggers, develop solutions and implement them together. It makes me happy when things then work better. That makes me proud.

My motto:
"I don't know what I don't know".

We humans know a fraction of what there is to know. Every day, together with my clients and friends, I discover things that "we didn't knew, that we didn´t knew that they existed".

I thought 26 years ago, I already know so much about health and can always help myself. Well, then I had a hearing loss and started to study the causes. A new learning began. And suddenly I recognized connections of which I did NOT even suspect that they could exist.

I enjoy passing on in the live.coach.academy, what I have learned in my life. Health and success have their own laws. I am sure that everyone will benefit from it.