Adventure and Nature based Therapy experiential training
What is Adventure & Nature based Therapy?

Adventure and nature therapy is used as a specific therapy and/or as a complementary therapeutic method to promote, maintain and treat mental health.
It is excellent for building and maintaining resilience.
It is a holistic and experiential approach that works in and with different natural spaces.
With Adventure and Nature-based therapy methods, therapeutic settings are supported, supplemented and/or designed independently.
Therapeutic expertise, therapeutic context and the depth of the process are decisive features that distinguish Adventure therapy settings from pedagogically oriented interventions (source).

Training "Adventure & Nature Therapy"
You can get training in Adventure & Nature-based therapy at the Adventure Therapy Institute (ATI). Depending on your basic professional training, you can obtain the following qualifications:

Adventure & Nature therapy Practitioner (ATI)

Adventure & Nature therapist (ATI)

Both degrees include 21 days of experiential training.

This cannot be booked online as there are various admission requirements. The course is therefore in the system at EUR 0.00, since the new legal requirements ALWAYS state a price. Please press the INFO button next to the product.
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Our courses and trainings
Adventure Therapy Institute

ATI is a European institute for the promotion, further development and training in adventure and nature-based therapy.

Become an adventure therapist

In a two-year modular training, with online lessons and +20 in-nature experiential days, you will learn the principles and conceptual foundations of adventure and nature-based therapy.

Our training includes relevant and current topics like clinical adventure therapy, trauma-informed practice, attachment theory, biographical work, ­therapy design and programming, work in inter­disciplinary teams, adventure therapy contrain­dications, and many more.

Our team include long experienced and qualified professionals with different backgrounds from all over Europe, with specific collaborations from relevant researchers and practitioners from all over the world.

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about specific courses, and  also group or individual adventure therapy supervision.
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The partners bring along many years of worldwide experience in theory and practice in the field of adventure therapy.
They work in various networks at national and international level, publish in the digital Journal Adventure Therapie and are significantly involved in the organisation and implementation of congresses (GATE, Gathering Adventure Therapy Europe).
Per Wijnands
Per Wijnands (bc.) is a social worker and has worked for many years as a sociotherapist in a Dutch institution for child and adolescent psychiatry. For more than 20 years he has been working successfully with families, individuals and various groups struggling with multiple psychiatric and mental health problems on the
Christiane Thiesen
Christiane Thiesen has been self-employed in the above-mentioned professional fields of social and health care since 1999. She has been involved in the professional association “Individual- und Erlebnispädagogik e. V.” for over 25 years in various management functions. She worked as a trainer for experiential educators
Alexander Rose
Alexander Rose is a clinical psychologist, clinical psychotherapist and sports scientist, with both a master’s degree in health psychology and drug counselling. Since 2008, he has been passionately involved in introducing adventure therapy in Spain. He has been working with groups in nature since 2000, mainly with