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René Tzschoppe

AUTIMA® Marketing Automation
"We've been looking for billing and booking systems that fit our automated tools for a long time to reduce the amount of manual work and error-prone processes. With elopage, we saved massive amounts of time through speed, standardization, payment default elimination, and automated partner compensation. This has enabled a new dimension of growth for us."

Siegfried Lettmann

Founder, CAMPUS45
Die Interim Manager Academy
"I founded CAMPUS45 – The Interim Manager Academy to make my dream of sailing around the world with my family possible. elopage offers stability, good usability, and a fitting price-performance ratio to run my business independently of location. Customers are highly satisfied – not only with the content but also with the usability of the elopage platform."

Lea Ernst

Founder & Business Expert,
Classy Confidence GmbH
"Before using elopage, we were forced to use overpriced payment providers and course platforms and had to ensure all these individual platforms worked smoothly and flawlessly with each other. Since switching to elopage, we've gained over 1,000 customers and generated multiple 7-figure sales."

Fidan Güntürkün

Founder, VA:Preneur
"Thanks to the time saved by using elopage, I was able to continuously improve my courses. I focus on essentials, and elopage does the rest for me. Of course, this is reflected in my turnover year after year. Since I've been using elopage, I managed to increase my turnover every year."

Irmgard Wallner

Communication Trainer,
"For more than ten years, I worked at Präsenz as a communication consultant. My big dream was always to work locally independently, and I was looking for a platform that is reliable, easy to use, and in German. I now live in the South of France and can live from my online business. elopage helped me to make my dream come true."

Shi Heng Yi &
Thanh-Huy Nguyen

Founder, Shaolin.Online
"At the time, we were working with different payment platforms, course area providers and app makers and had to connect them all individually - which was extremely time-consuming. With elopage, everything is under one roof - payment methods can be activated with one click and accounting is automated - which saves an enormous amount of time. It's the best tool for online courses in the German sector, which can also be used internationally."

Verena Gutwein

Founder, Petagogy
"My business is still young and constantly changing. I quickly reached my limits because few processes were automated. That cost me and my customers time and nerves. I saw myself as an expert for my offers, but not for selling them. With elopage, I found a reliable partner and a dedicated community to create automated buying processes and design online offers and live events."

Kristina Räder

"My wish was to offer customers the possibility to provide training impulses, tips and support 24/7 with the help of online courses. I was overwhelmed with the large offer and the question of which software and tools I would specifically need for this. Since elopage, I feel I'm in the best of hands and have found the all-in-one solution for creating, hosting and handling all online products, which is easy to use even for an absolute layman like me."

Dr. Viviane Theby

Veterinarian & Behavioral Therapist Animal Academy Scheuerhof
"Before elopage, I traded my time for money. I constantly had deadlines that drained me and took time away from my content. I always just felt like I was running behind and had to do what was really burning. With elopage, I was able to live out my creativity again. As a reseller, elopage does a lot of office work for us and finally makes me feel like the master of my time again."

Sophia Dei

Founder, Studio Umi
"Before using elopage, my biggest challenge was finding a tool to manage my online courses, live workshops and digital products as well as my accounting. I was overwhelmed and unsure how to do it all myself. With elopage, I was able to build my business professionally from the beginning. Great design, high functionality and good customer service just convinced me in the end."

Maike Kipker

Founder of "Mrs. Property®"
"Before I sold my online course through elopage, my revenue was tied to my time. I could only serve my customers 1:1 or in small groups - so my revenue was capped and my business could not grow. Since I started selling through elopage, I have been able to scale my business. I find selling in the reseller model extremely helpful because it takes a lot of accounting work off my plate."

Nina Wellstein

"In my search for the perfect platform for online courses, I compared many providers in terms of design, flexibility and customer support. The choice fell on elopage and I feel confirmed in my opinion by regular positive feedback from my participants about my course portal. I can therefore recommend elopage to anyone who wants to offer products or services online smoothly and at the same time does not want to do without visual quality and 1A support."

Pablo Sütterlin

CEO, younity
"We are the largest organizer of online spiritual events in Europe. For a long time, the e-ticketing process involved immense effort for us. Since it's been done through elopage, we can spend much more time and energy working on our event instead of having to deal with all the processing of thousands of ticket sales."

Beate Glöser

Business & Mindset Mentor Greatness Academy GmbH
"Before, I had a lot of manual effort in selling my products and invoicing. There was no way for my customers to buy at any time. With elopage, I managed to create fast, automated buying processes and scale my business - and implement a 6-figure launch of my Abundance Mastery."

Bine Hartke

Founder, DreadFactory
"The platform has allowed me to serve more participants at the same time and to deliver content with better support. The offline workshop has turned into a 12-week online training for professional loc stylists. By digitizing my workshops on the elopage platform, I made the crucial switch from self-employed to entrepreneur."

Alexander B., Finn K., Marko T.

AFM Media, Management
elopage has solved our biggest B2C challenge: a smooth checkout process. Thanks to the wide range of payment options, our sales are increasing significantly. Within just five months, we have reached the 7-digit sales mark. With elopage, we have a reliable partner at our side who attaches great importance to data protection and offers competent, German-speaking employees.

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