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Analytics Dashboard 3.0

Optimizing performance with key figures

Optimize your performance and make data-driven decisions for your business.

The most important business key figures at a glance


The Benefits of Analytics Dashboard 3.0

Key Figures

View all company data and keep track of traffic, revenue, conversions, sales, orders, and customers.

Evaluate Performance

Measure your company's performance with marketing, campaign, and order funnel metrics.

Recognize Business Potential

Analyze your data and identify opportunities to generate more revenue for the successful growth of your business.

Reduce Deficits

Identify the weak points of your business activities to optimize your business model and reduce your overhead.

Know the Right Metrics for Your Business

Get detailed insights into performance, user behavior, and KPIs to make data-driven decisions and drive targeted growth.

Optimize your search with filter options in the dashboard

Professional Dashboard

Centralized view of all available information for regular business planning and evaluation.


Appealing visualization of data to quickly capture complex information, trends, and patterns.

Flexible KPIs

Option to customize key performance indicators to specific business objectives.


User-friendly interface and simplified navigation for optimized information search.

Drill-Down Function

Move from an overview level to a more detailed analysis to better understand correlations.


Understand your metrics and learn how to read the data to make informed decisions.


Payment Plans for Happy Customers

Central location for all analyses relating to your business

Use our sales platform and payment processing to centralize all activities on one platform.

Manage all solutions for your online business on one platform and centralize your data

Payment Systems

Set up payment pages with individual details, payment options, tax rates and withdrawal conditions.

Order management

You will see all relevant customer information in your order overview.

Customer management

All buyer data is available in your order overview.

Product delivery

Your products are automatically released to your customers after successful receipt of payment.

Marketing Automation

Enable integrated marketing tools and expand your funnel communications to place offers properly.


Connect tracking tools such as Tag Manager, Analytics or Pixels with your business for even more insights into your activities.

Application examples

Make Smart Business Decisions Every Day

Make Data-Driven Decisions for Your Business Success

Smart dashboards with understandable displays to make the most of your data:

Lea Ernst

"Since switching to elopage, we've gained over 1,000 customers and generated multiple 7-figure sales."

Lea Ernst

Founder & Business Expert,
Classy Confidence GmbH

Fidan Güntürkün

"Selling digital products has never been so easy. I can concentrate fully on my courses and constantly improve them – elopage does the rest for me." 

Fidan Güntürkün

Founder, VA:Preneur

Identify Trends and Act Successfully

Make forecasts on products, customers, and costs:

Ready to Grow

Finn's online business is growing by 160% annually through data-driven decisions.

Finn uses the analysis modules in the Professional Plan to identify upsell trends and strategically plan seasonal customer behavior.

Finn saves working time
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