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Visionaries grow with elopage. We celebrate your growth with exciting milestones - because behind each of your successes is a lot of work!

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Celebrate your success with our community

Entrepreneurs on our platform are passionate about growing their business. We want to celebrate your outstanding achievements with the Creators Club Awards.

We believe in the power of a strong Creators Community to inspire each Creator to their next success.

Your Bronze Award

€250,000 - €500,000 in sales

Finished with brushed bronze and glass

Your Silver Award

500.000 € - €1,000,000 in sales

Finishing with brushed silver and glass

Your Gold Award

1.000.000 € - 10.000.000 € Turnover

Finishing with brushed gold and glass

Your Platinum Award

10.000.000 € - 50.000.000 € Turnover

Finishing with brushed platinum and glass

More than 400+ entrepreneurs are awarded.

Show your success and apply for your Creators Club Award.

Become part of the elopage Creators Club

How can I become a member?

As a seller on elopage, you are automatically a member of the elopage Creators Club. So you don't need to do anything else to be eligible. As soon as you reach your first milestone, you will be notified by us. 

What do the milestones mean?

You will reach the milestones once you have reached a certain gross sales volume on our platform.

What do I have to do to receive my award?

Before we send your award, we always ask you to confirm your address again by e-mail. Your award will be sent only after your confirmation. 

When will I receive my award?

After successful feedback on your shipping address, we will finalize your award and ship it within 7 business days. Our premium awards are custom made, so a delivery time of up to 6 weeks can be expected.

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For every milestone you achieve, we will present you with a free award. If you would like to receive several awards from a milestone, you can order additional awards for yourself, business partners or your company for a fee.

Apply for further awards via our form. After your account has been reviewed by our team, we will send you a payment option to confirm production.

Overview of the costs for the awards incl. worldwide shipping:

Silver: €500.00
Gold: €1,000.00
Platinum: €1,200.00

You decide which name will be on your award. When confirming your shipping address, you will be asked to specify your desired name for your award.

We ship incentives and awards within Germany.

Generally, milestones are counted per account. If you want to add up the sales of several accounts to reach a milestone, please contact us via email at

Your success is priceless for us. That's why we cover the costs for your award.

Fill out our form to apply for further awards for business partners, your company and yourself.

In each email notification, you have the option to unsubscribe from the elopage Creators Club in the footer. 

We reserve the right to exclude accounts from the Awards if:

  • the sold products of the respective seller have an unusually high number of negative reviews or an exceptionally high support volume.
  • there are excessive returns and chargebacks about the products.
  • the products sold violate applicable law and regulations and/or our General Terms and Conditions.

In that case we will contact you personally.

More than 400+ entrepreneurs are awarded.

Show your success and apply for your Creators Club Award.

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