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Create Coupon Codes

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Coupon codes, if used correctly, can be a real booster for your online business. You can use it to implement short-term marketing campaigns, reward loyal customers, give your newsletter subscribers an edge, time limits special offers, and more. The possible uses of voucher codes are flexible and almost unlimited. With elopage, you can create coupon codes and bulk coupon codes easily and with just a few clicks. Check out our videos and find out how!

Create coupon codes with elopage

With elopage, you can create coupon codes for all your products, bundles, and payment plans. You'll be able to make the settings in just a few seconds. You want to sell two tickets for the price of one? You want to give a 20% or 20 Euro discount on a special bundle? Decide freely and adapt your vouchers to each of your use cases through a variety of options.

  • Do you want your voucher to be valid only for a certain period of time or only until next Sunday at 6 pm? That's no problem!
  • Do you want the voucher to be applied only to the first subscription rate or maybe even to all subsequent payments in the subscription? It's up to you!
  • Do you have a voucher that is only valid for your premium coaching? Then make one more click and the voucher will be available to you immediately

No matter whether it's number, duration, product selection – all options are open to you. Try it out now!

elopage Quick Guide:

  1. From your dashboard, click Marketing > Coupon Codes
  2. Create a new coupon code
  3. Set any code
  4. Determine your discount, whether in percent or euros
  5. Choose your limit and the products you want it to apply to
  6. Decide if you want the code to be applied to subscriptions/installments, bundles, and additional fees
  7. Click Create – Done! Your voucher code can be distributed!

More in the Help section: Coupon Code: Maximum Quantity and Limit

A single code is quickly created and distributed. Especially with scalable digital products, this creates a revenue-generating win-win situation, because with every sale your profit increases and every voucher promotes your sales. However, if you want to see more precisely which coupon code has been redeemed or you simply want to distribute even more individual coupon codes, you would have to create a separate code for each customer.

Sounds like a lot of work? It would be – if it weren't for the mass coupon codes!

Create Bulk Coupon Codes

So that you don't have to create an individual coupon code every time, limit it to one application, and then repeat the whole thing 100 times, you have the option of creating bulk coupon codes. Instead of a single code, an individual code is generated from your information for the desired limit, e.g. with individual numbers and/or letters. So the creation remains the same for you, but by clicking on "Create" you have not just one, but any number of codes automatically generated!

elopage Quick Guide:

  1. You can also create bulk vouchers in the Marketing section > voucher codes
  2. Instead of "single coupon code", choose the "bulk coupon codes", a beginning of your code (prefix), the automatically generated code (made of letters or numbers) and optionally an end (postfix)
  3. You can make all other settings as with the individual voucher codes
  4. If you confirm the creation now, as many new codes will be created as you need for your limit. With one click!

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