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In the "FAIL&SCALE" podcast, Tolga Önal, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of elopage, invites exciting entrepreneurs and experts from the entrepreneur and digital business industry to Real Talk.

It's about their personal success stories, the biggest misadventures in their business history, and what lies at the heart of every entrepreneur: Passion and vision.

Designed as a current industry encyclopedia that covers the entire life cycle of an entrepreneur, each episode contains valuable tips. Starting with the perfect business plan, the endless search for investors and ending with the million-dollar exit.


Tolga Önal is co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of elopage and a serial entrepreneur. As a keynote speaker, Tolga Önal has already shared his vision on big stages, such as Greator, WebSummit or the OMR Festival.

In the FAIL&SCALE Podcast, he engages in an intense and intimate exchange with his guests to make their success decisions visible. He asks questions that, far from any marketing gossip, reveal what really moves the guest. He talks about fears, worries and mistakes and the moments in life when everything changed.


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