Eating Smart @ 50plus

Crack the Code to Lasting Health, Weight Mastery, and Mental Edge

My Evidence-Based and Time-Tested Strategies: Weight Control, Mental Clarity, and a Life Without Diets

Healthy eating, it's pretty straightforward, isn't it?

Most folks have some vague idea and/or a strong opinion about what healthy eating should look like. In theory, at least. And so many believe they've got the secret recipe to weight loss.

But hit a certain age, and it seems like our bodies—and sometimes our brains—just stop playing ball.

We'd like our weight to kindly take a hike. And those pesky menopause symptoms or the all-too-familiar age-related aches? Yeah, they can scram, too. Ageing's not exactly hitting us with the good stuff.

By 50, I was second-guessing whether my bucket list was just a pipe dream. When your back's aching, knees are creaking, and napping sounds better than partying all night long, a hill in the Harz Mountains feels as daunting as Everest once did.

A clever diet can make a world of difference here, and it's step one towards reigniting the power within.

BUT... where on earth do you start? The sea of conflicting advice out there can overwhelm the best of us.
If you're here, chances are you're at your wits' end, bombarded with questions:

  • Should I cut carbs?

  • Reduce sugar?

  • Is keto the golden ticket?

  • They say intermittent fasting works wonders; is it for me?

You try something that worked for your friend or colleague, but you feel downright awful. Lacking energy and constantly hungry. And the grand result after a week? A whopping loss of 100 GRAMS. Talk about frustration...
Yet it's simpler than it seems, despite the baffling scientific studies—for us mere mortals, anyway. This is where I come in. I'll break down the facts, the must-knows.

Here's what you'll get from this course
So you're menopausal or post-menopausal and fed up with the creeping weight gain. Or you just want to get back our energy. Get rid of all the nasty menopause symptoms. Enough already! It's time to shed those pounds and tweak your diet and lifestyle, but you need clarity.
Then you can take action, lose weight sustainably if you wish, and establish a sensible eating routine for good. It won't happen overnight; it's a gradual journey. But hey, it'll be way more relaxed without giving up everything. If you've tried strict diets before, you know the drill: your body clings to fat like a security blanket, only to pile on more at the first chance. And let's be real; it's often not just about the weight—it's that sneaky shift in body composition: less muscle, more fat.
To simplify all this, I've created this course.

You will learn what you need to know as a woman over 50, how to find your perfect diet, and which (free) tools to use.

  • You'll understand why knowing your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Active Metabolic Rate (AMR) or total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) is crucial and how to calculate them easily.

  • You will see why these rates are your ticket out of the yo-yo diet trap.

  • You will discover why keeping a food diary is key and how to integrate it into your daily life. I'll show you an app that does the heavy lifting for you.

  • You'll get the low-down on whether your calorie intake is appropriate for your height, current weight, and age.

  • I'll introduce you to the macros—carbs, protein, fat—explain their new-found importance, and help you incorporate the right balance into your diet. This could be a game-changer even for yo-yo dieters.

  • I'll guide you on how to tweak your diet in baby steps. It won't feel restrictive; rather, it builds on what you're eating now, making lasting change more manageable.

  • In Part 3, I'll cover foods to dial back on—not eliminate forever, but to enjoy more mindfully. I'll spell out exactly why and what damage they can cause.

My approach rests on three pillars: nutrition's just one piece of the puzzle; physical exercise and relaxation are the others.
As a special bonus, I will add additional videos, documents and downloads, based on your feedback.

Your Breakthrough

  • You'll get a reality check on where your diet truly stands—usually quite eye-opening.

  • You'll grasp how hormonal changes mess with your weight and why not tweaking your diet means inevitable gain.

  • But you'll also see how easy it is to make these small dietary changes without feeling deprived.

  • You'll come to terms with the fact that rapid weight loss isn't realistic any more.

Trust me, that realization alone is a huge relief.

How does the course work?
You'll get instant access to all parts and modules upon purchase. Following the suggested order makes things easier. There's also optional background information. Some lessons come with extra downloadable material. Most importantly: this course evolves with your feedback. I've exercised restraint 😊 and skipped over the fascinating but non-essential info. If you've got topic questions, let me know. I'm happy to expand on chapters or delve into the latest research. If you're having technical issues or questions about the course, reach out to me via email at or, and I'll get back to you promptly.

Course plan

Part1: What you need to know about your Body
Are you ready?
Module 1: Your Metabolism and your "KPIs"
Module 2: Tracking what you eat - "what gets measured, gets managed"
Your Bonus: E-Book "Busting Myths, Boosting Health"
Part 2: What you need to know about nutrients
Module 3: Protein - a 50plus Women's best Friend
Module 4: Carbohydrates - Friend or Foe?
Module 5: What Healthy Fats can do for you
Module 6: Alcohol - No Risk, no Fun?
Module 7: Junkfood, Fastfood & Sugar - Sweet, but lethal
Module 8: Balancing your macronutirents
Module 9: What you need to know about micronutrients
Part 3: What you need to know about weight-loss
Part 4: What you need to know about eating healthy in practice
Module 11: What you need to know about eating healthy in practice
Part 5: What you need to know about exercise
Part 6: What you need to know about Stress in Midlife
Module 14: Introduction - why Stress Management is so important
Module 15: The Science of Stress
Module 16: Sources of Stress
Module 17: Sleep, Nutrition & Exercise against Stress
Module 18: Meditation, Breathing & Journaling against Stress
Module 19: Using Technology to your Advantage
Module 20: Work-Life-Balance and Stress
Module 21: Stress and Menopause