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Miss Lashes: Beauty packages consisting of physical & digital products

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Anyone who buys a beauty product often does not know how to use it correctly. If you watch a tutorial, you usually don't have the right equipment to implement it.

The combination of digital and physical products is an absolute must, especially in the beauty industry. Miss Lashes has done just that and we want to show you how this exciting business model works.

Miss Lashes is a renowned online business in the beauty industry, specializing in eyelash extensions. In 2013, Miss Lashes was founded and began providing customers with high-quality eyelash products.

A special business case with physical and digital products

The range includes long-lasting lashes, practical tools and accessories to achieve professional results. The company has continuously worked on the further development of the range and prides itself on being able to offer customers innovative solutions and excellent customer service. 

What's special about the Miss Lashes business case is that it offers and sells a combination of physical and digital products. 

While the physical product market in the area of eyelash extensions and thickening is already occupied by numerous brands, a pain point for users lies in the correct handling of the products. Written instructions from other providers – if they exist at all – are often not conclusive and leave questions and uncertainties when using them.

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The customer experience as an initiator of innovation

The combination of explanatory online courses, which give customers step-by-step instructions on how to use the products, together with the physical product packages, thus offers a unique solution and is probably also the secret of the young brand's success.

For the combination of physical and digital products, it was necessary to find a suitable sales platform with which the hybrid business model could be implemented and offer customers an excellent shopping experience.

"Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We are always striving for innovative solutions that make our shopping experience unique."

The company chose elopage as its sales platform because the platform offers a user-friendly interface, easy integration of payment methods, and extensive marketing features.

"It was surprisingly easy to set up my online store and sell my products. Overall, elopage enables us to run our online business effectively and provide our customers with a smooth shopping experience."

One of the biggest challenges in Miss Lashes' online business was the effective management and processing of orders. This is because for every bundle sold, which consists of a digital online course plus a physical kit, the inventory or merchandise management system had to be adjusted manually. This effort is expensive, error-prone and outdated.

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The elopage interface for the eCommerce system shopware

In order to optimize this area of the business, a cooperation between Miss Lashes, the elopage platform and the eCommerce agency Proxation was initiated. 

Proxation developed the elopage integration for shopware 6 for this case,
which ensures that every elopage order from Miss Lashes, which comes with a physical kit, automatically updates the physical inventory and also runs a completely automated ordering process.
With the integration of the shopware 6 plugin, product management, order processing and customer data management could be made more efficient. 

The advantages of automated order processing are obvious: 

  • Lower costs
  • Accurate data 
  • ultimately, faster delivery of physical products for customers. 

In the meantime, Miss Lashes has established itself as the market leader in the field of eyelash extensions and has built a growing customer base. 

"I recommend others to work with elopage and use the connection with Shopware 6. This combination provides a comprehensive e-commerce experience with professional store design and efficient data management. As a result, companies can build a successful and engaging online business and benefit from flexibility, scalability and reliable customer support."

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