Being a pioneering spirit and following innovative paths, facing new tasks with passion and feeling more happiness and satisfaction, discovering and unfolding the potential within us – all of this has to come together to ignite the fire insight others. All of this is the magic with which we make a meaningful contribution to our world and shape our future. In this sense, our motto "Breakthrough by Change" has emerged: The authors of this book have come together to share their successful methods and techniques as well as their personal success stories with you. We all have one thing in common: On our personal and professional journey, we met people who shared their knowledge, skills and experience with us. They reached out their hand to us, so that we could outgrow ourselves. Now it’s time for us to do the same and continue an unwritten rule of success: passing on to you what we once received ourselves.
See it as a gift, as an opportunity for your own personal development. And when you're ready, remember to continue the unwritten rule of success: Give back what you are getting from us today – share your knowledge, your skills, and your experiences with others, so they can outgrow themselves, too!