🤨 You know that look the bakery saleswoman gives you when you speak German?
Her eyebrows are raised and her brow is furrowed.
The corners of her mouth down and pure impatience speaking from her eyes.

😣 Why doesn't the woman understand that you are doing your best to adapt and learn the language.

🤔 Most likely because the woman has never made this experience herself and has lived in the same place all her life.
❗ She doesn't know how difficult her native language is.
She doesn't know how much of an effort it takes for you to speak out loud in front of others.
And she doesn't know how hurtful it is that all your efforts are unappreciated and even put down.

😤 I can well understand that this makes you feel sad, frustrated and simply annoyed. How are you supposed to practice if no one gives you a chance?

Don't let these negative experiences get you down! The woman is not doing this with bad intentions, I can assure you that much.
🖤 She is doing her job and in Germany time is money.
❤️ She doesn't always have the time or the patience to communicate slowly and with understanding.
💛 She is also not a trained German teacher and used to compensate for grammatical errors, incorrect vocabulary and unclear pronunciation.

🤩💪 Never stop working on your German. Improve every day and I promise you, the day will come when you can order your rolls in German without any problems.

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