The concept of Deep Learning utilizes deep neural nets to accomplish task from artificial intelligence like:

  • Computer Vision: Image Classification, Object Detection / Tracking
  • Natural Language Understanding: Text Analyses, Language Translation, Image Caption Generation...
  • ...

The Book Deep Learning Examples with PyTorch and fastai - A Developers' Cookbook is full of practical examples on how to apply the deep learning frameworks PyTorch and fastai on different problems.

What's inside the book?

  • Build an Image Classifier from Scratch
  • How does SGD – Stochastic Gradient Descent - work?
  • Multi-Label Classification
  • Cross-Fold-Validation
  • FastAI – A Glance on the internal API of the deep learning framework
  • Image Segmentation
  • Style-Transfer
  • Server deployment of deep learning models
  • Keypoints Detection
  • Object Detection
  • Super-resolution GANs
  • Siamese Twins
  • Tabular Data with FastAI
  • Ensembling Models with TabularData
  • Analyzing Neural Nets with the SHAP Library
  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing