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Elaborately implemented documentary (approx. 2 hours) with eyewitness interviews, original film material, many photos and tape recordings, some of which have not yet been published. In the sensational reporting of the media, Bruno Gröning (1906-1959) was described as a "miracle healer". People flocked to him from everywhere. Up to 30,000 a day. Thousands of sick people, war invalids and even those diagnosed as incurable experienced miraculous healings from him, as many have sworn to testify. Some saw him as a helper of God, others mocked him as a charlatan. Physicians and scientists were faced with a puzzle. The close connection between Bruno Gröning and the teachings of Jesus Christ, free from church connections, is the focus of this special film.

although I already realized the three-pieces documentary ‘The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning’ with great effort and worked altogether nine years intensively for it, I decided to shoot a further documentary about Bruno Gröning. Why?

Back then, in 2003, I finished the film as director in the context of the ‘Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends’, one of many Gröning groupings. Unfortunately all parts in the documentary got cut out in which Bruno Gröning referred to Jesus Christ. In addition, all photos in which he carried a cross around his neck got removed.

They told me that people from other religions would then more easily accept the teachings of Gröning. Vehemently I named this an unresponsible manipulation! Already prior to this I did not agree with many things that happened in the “Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends”. I repeatedly expressed it clearly and therfore I often became the “black sheep”. Because of these irreconcilable different views how to pass on the life and teachings of Bruno Gröning, I drew a line and seperated from this grouping but without ever having lost.

Gröning often said that one should be open and honest to each other and must stand to truth. Because of this in my new documentary I choose the main focus on Bruno Grönings intense relation to Jesus Christ and his teachings. Now, as an independent filmmaker, I can do as it is according to the pure truth.

Already in my first documentary about Bruno Gröning I never had the intention to encourage a personality cult. I see my duty in informing objectively and truthbound about this extraordinary character.

For me Bruno Gröning is an impressive prophet of the new age who already helped so many people through his teachings to find the way back to the Lord and to Jesus Christ and to experience help and healing.

´He was on the path of Christ!`, Dr. Bellanger, a Frensh doctor, stated about him. This should be reflected in my new film without downgrading any other religion by it in any manner. May the documentary be a humble piece to help people understand Gröning the way he truely was!

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By clicking on one of the image you will be forwarded to the corresponding Vimeo video and thereby you accept the privacy policy by Vimeo.

Credits Thomas Busse: Screenplay, Research, Director, Interviews, Photo Editing, Film Editing, Color Correction and Grading, Narrator, Music, Production
Credits Julia Domenica Busse: Camera, light, sound, editing (assistant), color correction and grading (assistant), speaker (Josette Gröning)

Credits Wilfried Venedey: final mix sound

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Thomas Busse has been working as a director and screenwriter since 1991. At the age of only 26 he made his directorial debut with the feature film "Der Wunderapostel" ("The Miracle Apostle"). This extraordinary film was very successful in many different European countries - 12 weeks in a row in Vienna alone! Even the great Klaus Maria Brandauer was impressed by Busse's debut work! "The Miracle Apostle" was shown on television in some prime times and is still very popular worldwide as a video and DVD version. In the spiritual community it is considered an absolute cult film.

In 1994, Thomas Busse began preparing for a new film project, which occupied him for a total of 9 years. The three-part (each 100 minutes), very elaborately made documentary with feature film units "The Gröning Phenomenon" reflects the conflict between general medicine and spiritual healing in a dramatic way. He had scenes with up to 2,500 extras reenacted and interviewed almost 100 contemporary witnesses. Sensitively and persuasively, he pieced together a picture that puts Gröning in a completely new light. The film was shown worldwide, translated into forty languages and, despite its special subject matter, was overwhelmingly popular.

In the years that followed, Thomas Busse took over the direction of Patrick Süskind's monodrama "Der Kontrabass" and made the silent film "Quelle der ewigen Jugend". He was also involved in acting projects with young people, led improvisation and theater groups and has been giving acting lessons for many years.

His latest feature film "Lisa and the Painter", the story of which he wrote himself, has been in cinemas since 2018. It is a modern fairy tale - a dramatic love story with a special depth! Above all, the question of the meaning of life characterizes this work. As with the feature film "The Miracle Apostle", he wrote the screenplay, directed it and played one of the main roles.

No matter what form Thomas Busse takes as a director, he always aims to make films or stage plays that have depth. He says specifically about the medium of film: „I don't just want to entertain with my films, but above all to make people think, inspire them and touch them deep in their hearts. In this context, I find films with a spiritual background particularly interesting.“

More about the documentary: brunogroening-film.de

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