"Careers outside academia research - A collection of real-world examples" is a continuously growing collection of career paths of PhD-holders who work outside academic research. The goal is to create a collection of real-world examples of careers outside academic research in order to help doctoral researchers and postdocs learn about different careers.

I have created this collection mainly for doctoral researchers and postdocs in Germany and Europe, as career paths in other countries may differ. The questionnaires are grouped according to the scientific background of the interviewed person. So you can look up career paths of people with a scientific background that is similar to yours - but I recommend also taking a look at other examples, they might be relevant for you as well.

Additionally, I have included lists of links to career resources and job portals which can be helpful for career exploration!

The quality and usefulness of this collection depends on the willingness of people to contribute their CV and experience - I am working on adding more real-world examples to this collection. You can help by sharing this project with your network! The more real-world examples it contains, the more useful it will be!

Share these links:
https://thescientistcoach.de/questionnaire-career-paths/ (English questionnaire)
or https://thescientistcoach.de/fragebogen-karrierewege/ (German questionnaire).


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