Congratulations, you are pregnant! Now what?

As an international parent in Berlin, I'm sure you would like to know everything that is available to you, what support you have and what services you can use that are free or paid for by your insurance.
In this online tutorial, I give you an overview of all the support you can get and everything you can expect during your pregnancy and the time after that here in Berlin.

After this tutorial, you will have:
1. All the information on pregnancy and postpartum services and care in Berlin
2. Your child benefits (Kindergeld) application ready to submit
3. Information about Birth certificate, Anmeldung, etc.

4. Bonus checklists for your family: packing your hospital bag, birth plan, document checklists, shopping lists for baby and mama

Course plan

Video 1: Your pregnancy
Video 2: Where to give birth and birth plan
Video 3: Fourth trimester: postpartum care
Video 4: Baby's paperwork
Video 5: Application for Kindergeld
PDF Downloads