This expansion brings a new and rich sound dimension to your MPC. We have captured the beauty of an amazing tongue drum and created five unique MPC instruments (keygroups) and one effect drum program. The whole expansion has over 900 MB.

We have used a hand made multi scale tongue drum to achieve a wide range of tones. All MPC keygroups are organized chromatically so you can play this instrument over your whole keyboard and pads in every scale and note.

Each keygroup of this MPC expansion features eight velocity layers per sampled note. That's why this expansion represents a deeply sampled tongue drum with lots of details in different authentic playing styles. With this expansion we are bringing you a very realistic sound and authentic playing feel as if you were playing a real tongue drum to provide the natural character of this rare instrument.

The drum has been hit by different exciters in the sampling process (mallet, hand, finger nail, mallet and stick). With this we made shure to give you a wide variety of unique sounds. We also added muted tongue drum notes to bring the percussive character of the tongue drum to your MPC.

The MPC Expansion is optimized for standalone use, but can also be used in the MPC software of course.

The sounds are all royalty free and include the commercial usage rights, so you can use the included sounds in your music productions without hesitation (reselling the samples in sample packs or for the production of competing products is not allowed, but this is common practice). The sample format is in WAV (44.1 kHz / 24-bit).

This expansion is made for MPC Key 61, MPC Key 37, MPC Live 2, MPC Live, MPC X & MPC One, Akai Force, MPC Software and MPC Beats Software. In controller mode it is also usable for MPC Touch, MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio.

If you want exotic and innovative new sounds this expansion is for you.

Get your expansion today and get started...