The world's first MPC Reggae Percussion Expansion called "Nyabinghi Drums". Give your MPC the true heartbeat of reggae music with these multisampled Nyabinghi sounds. Feel the true foundation of Reggae: Time for Nyabinghi.

This MPC expansion is made for MPC Keys 61, MPC Live 2, MPC Live, MPC X & MPC One, Akai Force, MPC 2 and MPC Beats software. The sounds have been optimized for standalone mode! In controller mode also usable for MPC Touch, MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio.

Percussive and true rasta sounds for your MPC. These drums are very unique and rare. With this MPC expansion you gonna level up your riddims with a special spiritual and cultural reggae vibe.

The MPC expansion consists of drum programs with mostly eight layers per pad (multisamples) for an authentic playing feel. It is optimized for standalone use, but can also be used in the MPC software. Here are the drums you will find in this special MPC expansion:

  • Thunder drum (the thunder drum is used for the foundation of Nyabinghi - deep and strong like a thunder. This drum is sometimes also called "Harp")
  • Fundeh drum (the Fundeh drum represents the heartbeat and is giving the Nyabinghi riddim his typical character)
  • Repeater drum (also called Kette or Akete. The repater drum is the counterpart of the thunder drum. It stands for the lightning to give the Nyabinghi percussive elements on top of the heartbeat)
  • Shaker (the shakers in Nyabinghi bringing a special flow and vibe to the riddim. They are big and clear in sound)

The sounds are all royalty free and include the commercial usage rights, so you can use the included sounds in your music productions without hesitation (reselling the samples in sample packs or for the production of competing products is not allowed, but this is common practice). The sample format is in WAV (44.1 kHz / 24-bit).