Let's level up your MPC with warm, fat and modern Afrobeat sounds. All you need to create Afrobeat hits and bangers for MPC Key 61, MPC Key 37, MPC Live 2, MPC Live, MPC X & MPC One, Akai Force, MPC Software and MPC Beats software. The included MPC instruments and drum kits have been optimized for standalone mode and you can use them in controller mode as well! In controller mode this MPC expansion is also usable for MPC Touch, MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio.

Let's make hits!

This expansion is huge and has more than one gigabyte of sounds. It contains drum kits, log drums, mallets, keys, organs, basses, 808s, brass, pads, duduk, flutes, harps, plucks, strings and guitars.

For what are you waiting for? Get these tropical sounds now and groove with the modern Afrobeat vibe. No matter if real instrument or synthesized sounds - we got you covered with this fresh MPC Afrobeat expansion. You will find MPC keygroups (MPC instruments) and drum programs in premium quality in this expansion.

All sounds are royalty free and include the commercial usage rights, so you can use the included sounds in your music productions without hesitation (reselling the samples in sample packs or for the production of competing products is not allowed, but this is common practice). The sample format is in WAV (44.1 kHz / 24-bit).

The expansion has a file size of over one gigabyte (87 MPC instruments or keygroups and 6 drum kits) and is available for you to download after payment.

The MPC Expansion consists mostly of keygroups and is optimized for standalone use, but can also be used in the MPC software. Here is the list of the keygroup and drum kit content you get with the expansion:

  • 5 808s
  • 13 basses
  • 1 brass
  • 6 drum kits
  • 1 duduk
  • 4 flutes
  • 6 guitars
  • 7 harps
  • 14 keys
  • 4 log drums
  • 15 mallets (for example kalimba, balafon and so on)
  • 3 organs
  • 3 pads
  • 6 plucks
  • 5 strings
Get your expansion today and get started...