What if your 808s are married to your kick drums? No need of hours of searching to find the perfect kick drum for your 808. With this MPC expansion you can make shure to work very time efficient. All kicks and 808s are designed from the same source so we have done all the hard work allready for you to make your 808 lines sound great with your kicks.

This pack is unique and one of its own kind. It is about hard hitting kicks and strong 808s designed for your MPC (MPC Live 2, MPC Live, MPC X & MPC One, Akai Force, MPC Key 37, MPC Key 61, MPC Software and MPC Beats software / in controller mode also usable for MPC Touch, MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio). The sounds are not taken from the Roland TR 808. These 808s are modern sounding and they are designed for nowadays music productions. It is optimized for standalone use. So for what are you waiting for? Grap this MPC expansion now and bring ground shaking 808 bass and well defined kicks to your beats. No matter if you are into Trap, Afro Trap, Hip Hop or urban music.

Pre EQed samples organized as keygroups are production ready to be loaded directly into your MPC. All matching kicks and 808s are labeled with a similar name so that you can easily find the right kick for your chosen 808 and vise versa. Of course you can also combine them in your own way and style. It is all up to your taste and creativity.

This expansion contains 116 keygroups (58 x 808s & 58 x Kicks) with the perfect fit so that 808s and kicks are matching perfectly together. All included kicks are also organized as keygroups so that you can easily add the right notes to your 808 lines and forming a good harmony of the keygroups. Just use your pad perfomance mode for example to stay in a certain key.

All samples are royalty free and you can use them comercially in your music production. Reselling of the isolated samples is strictly forbidden. So you can not sell them in competing sample packs or products.

Get your expansion today and get started...