Get the recognition you deserve and the career you love!

Position yourself successfully in your organization and boost your visibility, opportunities and rewards. 

If you're reading this, you've probably been told many times that you need to promote yourself better and be more visible. You've probably also missed out on career opportunities because decision-makers simply didn't know who you are and what you can do.

If that's the case, you've come to the right place. My purpose is to help you raise your profile and grow the career you love.

How to be visible without talking about it all day. 
By investing just 1% of your time!

Forget what it feels like to be overlooked and unappreciated! 

Working on your visibility for 10 minutes is only 1% of your day. Yet, it has the power to transform your career. 

Use my proven, step-by-step method to make your work visible and help you build presence and opportunities. Without having to constantly talk about your successes. In just 10 minutes a day.

4 reasons for taking the course

  33 plug-and-play actions that fit easily into your daily routine to build your reputation.

  The Contribution-Visibility-Matrix, my proven method for gaining visibility without saying a word.

  Stay focused and save time with the action sheets and templates that allow you to build your visibility step by step. Including your Self-Marketing Routine Checklist, Weekly Task Tracker and a 4-step plan to beat procrastination. 

  My 20 years of experience working with clients to help them be visible without pretending or talking about it all the time.
 Because visibility creates opportunity.  
The Trusted Expert Program
12-week program to build your personal brand and positioning.

Stop working silently in the background 24/7 and slipping into burnout, yet never receiving the appreciation and opportunities you deserve. 

What you really need is an established reputation as the recognized expert or leader in your organization!

Use my Self Branding Model® to position yourself successfully in your organization and get the roles and projects that are interesting, challenging and fulfilling. All without having to fake it or spend countless hours networking. In a business world characterized by transformation, self-organized teams and virtual collaboration.
9 reasons for joining the program

  The Self Branding Model®, my proven method for developing your personal brand and positioning step-by-step - and which you can always use as a guide for your future career steps.

  The Course. 12 months unlimited access to all step-by-step video lessons, tutorials, templates and guides to help build your brand and reputation.

  Group coaching sessions with Petra. 8 live group calls over a period of 12 weeks (starting February 26, 2024) where I will answer all your questions and provide additional input to help you succeed. Attending is not a must, but helpful.

  Action Sheets and questionnairs to print or fill out online.

  Small group of max. 6 participants to ensure it's a personalized experience and you get the most out of it.

  My 20 years of experience working with experts and leaders like you on their successful self-branding and self-marketing.

  Bonus Q&A session in June 2024 for any questions that come up after the program. 

  Bonus LinkedIn Mastery for experts and leaders, including video feedback on your profile.

  Special rate for The Trusted Expert Alumni. Benefit from a reduced hourly rate of CHF 250 (instead of CHF 290) for individual coaching sessions. 
What clients say about working with Petra 
Small changes make a big difference 

   The tips and tricks you shared helped me a lot to get clarity on what I can do to improve my visibility. Some of the best practices you shared, such as avoiding being the busy bee and increasing added value, helped me tremendously in understanding that small changes can make a big difference! 
Learned a lot about self-marketing 

   I liked this course very much. Petra is extremely knowledgable about the topic and very competent in sharing her knowledge. I learned a lot about self-marketing. 
Communicate my strengths and contributions in a structured way

   The course helped me to communicate my strengths and contributions in a structured way. I particularly liked the mixture of independent learning and working under Petra's very experienced guidance and regular discussions with like-minded people in a small group. The exchange with the other course participants helped me to put the finishing touches to my profile. 
Susanne, QA Manager, IMP Quality Operations
Applicable to all sorts of situations 

   The skills you thought me to develop a personal marketing plan in a systematic way, which is applicable to all sorts of situations, will definitely help me in my further career and perhaps personal life.
More confidence, clarity and courage

   I chose the course because I have consistently received feedback that, despite my valuable and deep scientific expertise, I come across as too much in the back seat and too silent in meetings. Thanks to the course I increased my confidence in being more outspoken and presenting myself as an expert without "fearing" to be arrogant. 
Alessandro, Senior Principal Scientist in Pharma Research

And the best:

  All my courses and programs are fast and effective. It is not about consuming countless hours of content, but about implementation and results.

Successfully implemented in companies for over 15 years. Bulletproof, scientifically sound and inspiring!

    Tired of sitting in front of the screen? No problem! View all content conveniently on your smartphone or tablet.
About me
Hi, I'm Petra

You deserve recognition for the great work you do, and my job is to help you get it!

Many people find it difficult to get the visibility and opportunities they desire. And that is such a pity, because you have so much to offer. That is why I have made it my mission to help quiet and modest people like you get the visibility, recognition and opportunities you deserve.

I have been working in the field of self-branding for 20 years as a corporate leadership trainer and coach. I am also the author of 8 books and teach at various universities, including the Universities of Basel and St. Gallen. Over the years, I have coached more than 15,000 engineers, scientists, and executives to build their powerful brands, get more recognition for their work, and have more influence..
Do you want to talk to me?

If you're not sure if these online courses and programs are right for you, or if you're looking for 1:1 support, schedule a call to discuss your situation and goals, and we'll see how I can support you. 
Increase your visibility & impact
My Purpose

 I enable people to feel recognized for who they are and the value they bring. 

Imagine this: You confidently express your passions, values, and unique qualities. Your voice is heard and your contributions are valued. Exciting project and job opportunities come to you naturally, without the need to pretend or spend endless hours networking.  And you do it all in a business environment characterized by transformation, self-organized teams, and virtual collaboration.

Would you like to achieve that too? Then my courses and programms are right for you.