The Yoga Fundamental Basic Program was designed to give you a brief overview of the most important yoga poses in the physical yoga practice. Together we will build up a solid base on which you can grow stronger & more confident on and off the yogamat.

This program contains:
- 10 Tutorials Videos
- 5 Yoga Flow Videos
- 2 Guided Meditation Audio Files
- Fundamental Basics E-Book

What you will learn in this program:
- how to practice the most important yoga poses
- how to adjust yourself correctly & joint-friendly within the poses
- how to find the right alignment in poses to practice risk-free
- how to use the breath as a key factor in any exercises & flows
- how to build up deep strength from your core & supportive muscles
- how to warm up your joints before any physical workout
- how to practice sun salutations correctly

Course plan

Welcome - Intro
Yoga Poses
Warm-Up Flows
Strengthening Flows
Full Body
Presence Meditation