The equilibrium model
By Karel de Lange
Balance is Beauty is Timeless
Oberlandstallmeister Dr. Gustav Rau and the other experienced Landstallmeisters always talked about the importance of the equilibrium (Das Gleichgewicht) in the construction of a horse. We call it the equilibrium model. The unique equilibrium model, which is so characteristic of the Oriental horses, is a legacy of the evolution that we think we should cherish in order to preserve the functional and the accompanying sport qualities of our horses and ponies. So everything revolves around the proportions in the skeleton and the derived mechanism. Only with a faultless functioning skeleton mechanism a horse can move optimally the total mass in balance. Balance is always the result of the tact that the horse manifests. And tact is always the result of a balanced construction.

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The balance in the construction and the movements of the horse with Karel de Lange
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