Assetto Corsa Competizione
Porsche 992 GT3 R


Track condition: optimum // Time: 10AM // weather: clear
Track temp.: 24°C // Air temp.: 21°C

Included: Race Setup, Qualifying Setup, Endurance Setup

depeding on your current track conditions and temperatures you have to adjust the tyre pressure: dry tyre pressure aim for GT3: 27,5psi // GT4: 28,0psi

Request to update anytime!

Do you play on console? Just send us a message after checkout if you need the setup for PS4 / PS5 / xBOX

The RTC setups were developed with german race engineers & racedrivers - and will help you to improve your laptimes.
Into the development of the sim racing setup goes knowledge and experience from real world race engineers and race drivers.
Please still note that these setups were developed by professional racers may only partially fit your driving style - despite the fact that the RTC race setups are made for constant good laptimes.
Use the RTC smartphone App to develop your own understanding and RTC PRO Notes as targets for reference points.

Have fun and success on the track!
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