Learn to Build Anything You Want With Web Sockets

You will...


... feel confident building any web socket based project you like


... learn to build custom UI using custom views


... not rely on Firebase anymore


... include a complex project in your portfolio that helps you get a well paid job


... be able to deploy your customized APIs to make them available to everyone

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This Is How the Course Is Structured

In short: You will build a real time scribble game you can play with up to 8 players (you can easily increment this number). One players is chosen as the drawing player who needs to pick one of 3 words to draw. The other players in the round then need to guess what was drawn. Of course, you can use your very own word list for this.

I wish I had this course before I started learning web sockets for Ktor and Android!

1. Introduction

Section length: ~0.5h

The course will start with a few introductory videos that will teach you what you need to know before you're going to start. This includes nicely animated videos about web sockets and the difficulties we face with web sockets on Android.

2. Building the server

Section length: ~4h

The first real programming part of the course will cover building the backend server using the Kotlin backend framework Ktor.

  • Creating routes your server will respond at
  • Real time communication with clients
  • Creating and managing game rooms and their joined players
  • Managing player sessions
  • Properly timing the different phases of the game
  • Handling player disconnects and reconnects
  • Implementing a smart score system
3. Building the game

Section length: ~7.5h

This part will focus on building the game in form of a native Android app using Kotlin.

  • Implementing web sockets on Android with a clean MVVM architecture
  • Dealing with disconnects and reconnects due to the activity lifecycle
  • Real time chat with other players
  • Building a custom drawing view to freely draw whatever you want
  • Guessing words using speech-to-text
  • Implementing a nice UI for the score system
  • Searching for game rooms
  • Creating game rooms and joining them
  • Creating custom views to change the color you're drawing with
  • Undoing drawn paths
4. BONUS: Deploying the server

Section length: ~1h

If you get this course now, you will also get this bonus section about deploying your server. This will allow you to play the game with your friends or publish it in Google Play. You will learn the following ways to deploy your Ktor server:

  1. Deployment on Heroku (free for development)
  2. Deployment on an Ubuntu server(you need a remote server with root access)
Total length: 13h

Hi, I'm Philipp!

I'm a passionate programmer with now over 10 years of experience. For about two years, I'm instructor on YouTube and Instagram where I've built a community of over 100,000 programmers who trust me and my work. Over time I have learned a lot about how my students like to get things explained so they can understand it in the shortest time possible. This course is a result of permanent improvement over years.

You Should NOT Get This Course, If...


... you just started with Kotlin and Android


... you aren't ready to invest some hours of focused work into your education


... you are not aware of the value this course provides for your future job success


... you prefer to spend 5 times the amount of time by self-teaching

What People Say Who Bought My Courses
Matthias Kerat
I have already had experience in Android developement before this course but I lost a bit of track to the best practises and state of the Art. This course brought me back on track really fast and Philipp really took care to convey general knowledge that can be applied on every Android project. I can recommend this not
Unaisul Hadi
As an Android Developer with 2 years of experience, I always preferred developing apps using Kotlin. Since Kotlin introduced Ktor as a back-end framework I was really happy to learn back-end stuff along with android. Unfortunately there were not many resources available for learning Ktor and I found this course through
Peter Suchanek
Really amazing course; This course is made really well and explained in a lot of detail. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to implement Ktor REST API in their apps. Hands down I wasn't able to find any better course on this topic. And thanks to Philip I was able to pass my Associate Android
At first I thought that changing my career will be much more difficult. I started to learn Kotlin, then I found Philipp's YouTube channel. I had the feeling he is posting, everything I need, so I stick with this channel. And after some time, I felt like I can be something... What's unique about Philipp, that he cares
Anudeep Ananth
I was always interested in building a ktor server since I love kotlin and I use that for android development. Watched all the Jetbrains conferences on Ktor and It was always a little overwhelming but after watching this course, I am so confident to build my own server and write complex logics on the cloud with
Worth every penny; Course really explain very well about how to build a backend for any kind of front end like Android app or Website. This course can't get any better.
This course teaches in clarity. I learnt alot from this and went on to give the Associate Android Developer's Certification in Kotlin, and i passed. Really worth every penny.
What People Say Who Watched My Videos
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes, you will get a 30-day money back guarantee. While I strongly believe in my courses and the value they provide, I can understand the thought process a customer goes through. I'm sure you won't need to make use of this, but if you do, I will issue a refund within the first 30 days.
Is there a way to learn this for free?
Of course you can learn all this for free thanks to the internet. But, you will spend at least 4-5 times the time trying to do that. You will easily need 100+ hours self-teaching the contents taught in this course. With this course, you can learn it in about 30 hours.

Now my question: How much money can you earn in those saved 70+ hours? The price for this course is actually a joke compared to the time it saves you.
Do I need my own server?
You don't need any server to follow through this course. Everything we do will work on your local machine. Only, if you want to publish your API, you need to get your own server.
What if I am stuck somewhere?
You don't need to worry about that. In case you have any question or face some issues, just drop me a message on Instagram or via email to mail@pl-coding.com.
Will I get a certificate on completion?
Yes, this course is not only supposed to make you a better developer, but also as something that improves your portfolio for future jobs or clients. Once you completed this course, you will earn a certificate.
Is the UI included?
Building the XML layouts is not included because this course completely focuses on programming logic as usual in my courses. Of course, the custom views in this course will be fully covered and explained. As usual, you will get all the resources including the source code for each episode.
Is the other Ktor course a prerequisite?
No. Both these courses cover completely different aspects of Ktor. The other course teaches you how to build a powerful backend with a remote database, user accounts and authentication while this one clearly focuses on web sockets and real time communication. Making a game belongs to the most difficult things you can do with web sockets, so you can be sure that you will be able to build any web socket based project you like after working through this course.
Will it use Jetpack Compose?
This course won't use Jetpack Compose because it's still so new and in beta. I decided not to make this with Compose, just to prevent that you encounter unnecessary errors and bugs due to changes in the Jetpack Compose API.
BONUS: Learn to deploy your backend to Heroku and Ubuntu!

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