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Ever wanted to build your very own multiplayer online game?

Now is the chance to do that!

In this course, we will build a multiplayer scribble game as a native Android app using Kotlin. The backend will be a Ktor Kotlin backend that uses web sockets for the real time communication.

In the game, players will be able to create game rooms to join these with their friends. In these rooms, there will always be one drawing player who gets to choose one of three randomly chosen words to draw that corresponding word. The remaining players then see in real time what the drawing player draws and need to guess what it could be. This game will have an intelligent score system, so depending on how fast players guess, they will get more or less points awarded to make it a fair game. After all players guessed the current word or the time ran out, a new drawing player is chosen and can choose a word.

The game will consist of 5 different phases:

1. Waiting for players:
When just one player is in the room, the game will start in this phase to wait for other players.

2. Waiting for start:
When at least two players are in a room, the game will switch to waiting for start which will countdown a timer until it will start the game. Perfect to get ready or wait until everybody joined.

3. New round:
Here the drawing player gets 30 seconds to choose one of three words to draw.

4. Game running:
In game running, the drawing player has some time to draw the selected word. The other players need to guess what it is.

5. Show word:
When the time ran out in game running or everybody guessed it, the phase will switch to show word. All players will see the word that was drawn. After a little delay, the game will switch back to new round.

The course will start with creating the backend using Ktor. After that, the second part of the course consists of creating the actual Android application that communicates with the backend.
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