We are very proud to be able to satisfy your demands for contrasted and quality information, no matter where you are in the world.
Here we present the first course of our online training, it is an introductory course, a basic level, which we have made as simple as possible so that everyone can learn the basics of:

- What is chlorine dioxide and how does it work, as well as learning how to do it and use it safely at home. We will see cases of people who used it with their respective diseases, we will also analyze the progress we have made, especially with the research done by Andreas L. Kalcker, who will share his long experience with all of us. In this way we will have the necessary tools to act in case of suffering one of the innumerable ailments that can be improved or even eliminated with the use of chlorine dioxide.

Our intention is to share with everyone the information we have after more than 10 years of investigation, of cases of people who had been evicted, without any medical solution and had the courage to take charge of their own life and thus change it forever. It is too valuable information to remain hidden, so we decided to take a step forward in favor of the freedom of each person to make their own decisions and know that despite what we are told there are alternatives.

This course is dedicated to the insatiable curious who are always looking for something new, to the nonconformists who are not satisfied with believing everything they are told, to the skeptics who need to check things for themselves to create their own truth, to all those people who were told by the self-proclaimed "science of truth" that there was no solution to their problem and have decided not to give up... In short, to anyone who has the courage to take charge of his life and say: now it's up to me!

All our courses have a duration of 1 year from the day of purchase, with unlimited access, and it is possible to ask questions directly on each topic, which are answered individually and quickly (usually within 24 hours). Those who wish to continue to have access to the videos and answers to questions after one year can renew their subscription annually for €20. Subscription is not compulsory, those who wish can download all the notes and relevant information before the end of the subscription period.

Course plan

Basic Course
Most important Protocols
Lab Tests
Annexes and curiosities