Welcome to the next level, in this course we will deal with more complex topics, going deeper to understand some of the most important biological processes from a biophysical point of view.

During this journey we will talk about water and its mysteries, review some of the paradigms that govern medicine and biology, such as "oxidative stress theory" or "Pasteur's monomorphism" and much more. You can see the full programme below and check out the free content by clicking on the blue "Preview" button.

Another novelty is the microscope tests, we have a new dark field microscope with which we obtain very interesting images, unknown to the vast majority of therapists and doctors. This microscope will allow us to see how the different structures of the blood (white and red blood cells, platelets, etc...) are related in a biophysical way, which will give us an idea of the process that the patient is undergoing. Some before and after images of the chlorine dioxide treatment are included, so that we will have objective evidence of the change produced in the organism, which is incredibly useful for health professionals.

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