REMEMBER - The sacred energies of letting go and receiving

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We all know intellectually that to manifest our deepest desires that truly come from our heart and divine highest self, what we need most is trust and faith. But how? How do we develop that, hold it, and how do we know if we really trust?

We all understand intellectually that intuition is our best guidance. But how? How do we know when it’s truly intuition and when it comes from the mind? How do we know the difference between intuition tells us to let go or our mind just tries to hold us back? And when is the right timing to follow intuition immediately or to lean back and take a moment.

We all read so many times intellectually about abundance and that the best decisions come from that place. But how? How do we really really know if we act from lack or abundance? From fear or love?

We all heard about the caterpillar who becomes a butterfly. But how? How do we know when it’s time to transform? How does the caterpillar feel when it’s time to end the journey as the beautiful caterpillar and transition into a butterfly? And does he know? Or does it feel like dying for him in that moment? Not knowing how it turns out?

For me there has always been great magic in the autumn and winter phase of the year. After the sunny summer vibes, feeling refreshed, recharged and reborn into a new beginning to end the year strong.

Especially this year after the world came back into balance on a new level of awakening and awareness, and so many who are already so long into personal growth (that they sometimes manifest very intellectually), I feel it is time for a RESET. Cutting and letting go what’s way too long holding us back, making decisions that are undone for way too long and inviting the new next higher version of ourselves.

When we’re faced with fear and worries, we step back into survival mode. That happened globally on the level of the collective consciousness over the last 3 years. And as long as we’re on a great level we often don’t recognize it for a while. The world, we, have been way too long in survival mode. 

It is time.

To reset.

To rebirth.



This is my invitation.

For a journey beyond normal.

Into the greatness of your true potential and possibilities.

This is my invitation for YOU to a magical journey to yourself and your potential.


6 modules 
11./ 13./ 18./ 20./ 25./ 27. October 2023

Recordings available until 31.12.2023
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