Successful No-Till Market Gardening
In-Depth Workshop with Daniel Mays from Frith Farm.

Total over 5 hours of given experience

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In cooperaton with Kolibri - Netzwerk für Marktgärten und Mikrofarmen

Daniel Mays is, at least since the publication of his book "The No-Till Organic Vegetable Farm", one of the best known market gardeners in North America.

On his vegetable farm "Frith Farm" he developed an intensive No-Till Vegetable System, which has a special focus on intercropping.

This seminar consists, of the recordings, from two lectures, each with question and answer rounds.
In total, Daniel presents his farm and their way of working in more than 5 hours.
Many in-depth questions are answered.

He presents the whole arc from the bed establishment over the integration of cover crops to how the social structures on the farm are designed.

Special is also his approach to success and the holistic approach that takes into account finance, ecology and social aspects.

An outstanding Market Garden from which we can learn a lot!


Daniel Mays founded Frith Farm in Maine (USA) in 2010. Over the past 12 years, he has developed a profitable and regenerative vegetable farming system.

Previously, he worked on various farms and studied mathematics, physics and environmental science, among other subjects.

His guiding principle is that farmers and gardeners should manage the land, not exploit it.

His vegetable gardening ideals of no till cultivation and intensive use of intercropping are based on these principles.

Course plan

The Semniar
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Event 2