Devoted - unapologetic - liberated

Start in March 2023

She is back

Embodied in her power, pleasure & divine service

Tripping in her orgasmic aliveness 🔥🔥🔥

If you landed here I know she is calling deep within you 🔥

Your dark Feminine

She is so ready to be remembered and embodied

She holds the Keyes of your fullest expression, of the permission to be and to live everything you desire.

The key of feeling save in the embodiment of owning your sexuality and your desire 🔥

She is wild

She is fierce

She is in touch with her own darkness

She doesn’t hold back

And she doesn’t compromise anything

which is not in deep resonance with her truth

Her fire is activating her so deeply to move forward no matter what is in her way cause

she know she came here to create incredible masterpieces infused by her unique essence 🔥

She knows how to drop down into herself and be deeply enriched by her own ecstasy and pleasure within,

guiding her in every step she takes.

She knows how to shift feelings of shame into ecstasy, pain into pleasure,

helplessness into power, anger into a fuel of creative force

She knows in the darkness her Diamonds are behold 🔥


is a portal for Her medicine 🔥

You know It’s your time

To own your power

To be full embodied in your purest and rawest expression

To anchor yourself in your dark feminine

To feel empowered and save in your sensual expression

To literally drip in your own pleasure

To welcome your next level of embodied truth, love, expansion, abundance

You are so done with:

Playing the old games again and again

Holding yourself back

Staying in your comfortcone

Not fully taking up your space

Finding excuses

Being that good girl - pleasing others

Not knowing your boundaries

Don’t prioritizing yourself and your sacred mission 🔥

You are so ready:

To explore and express your dark feminine

To feel it all in order to create what you came here to create

To integrate judged, or ashamed aspects of yourself, the messy, the chaotic, the whore…

To dive into your own darkness and make love it

To feel hold, save and protected from your inner masculine

To reclaim the innocence of your sexuality

To break free from old patterns

You are so ready to join us!

I can just say once we starts working with our sexual energy everything starts to flow, your soul creations, your business, your money….

Your sexual energy is your life force

She wants to flow, Create, love, enjoy and be honored 🔥🔥🔥

Feeling whole within yourself with your integrated shadows is what makes us be powerful

Divine humans having a fulfilling life and creating impact

Giving herself PERMISSION is her WAY

Instead of waiting for others to give her the permission

Do you want to give yourself the permission to welcome her medicine fully ?

If you know its time to give yourself that permission I invite you into this powerful Portal

She is back

We will work with

Transformational Dance
Embodied Shadow dance
Embodiment practices
Priestess Transmission
Tantric WOMB Alchemy Practices
Sacred Throne Coaching

This 10 week journey includes

4 Transformational Embodiment Sessions 🔥
3 Group - Sacred Throne Group Coaching Sessions
1 Integration and Celebration Ceremony
2 WONDER Weeks break in between for a deeper integration
Videos for self practice with tantric practices of inner sexual alchemy, union within, pleasure activations
Telegram Group and Support in the time

SPECIAL SESSION : Past Life healing meets embodiment with Guest Teacher Marietta

SPECIAL GIFT: The GOLDEN YONI Oil made by Malea to awaken your YONI Power

EARLY BIRD until the 22.02 for 770 Euro
Full Price is 1200 Euros ( with the Option to pay in rates, write me for more infos)

I invite you into this journey my love

Your are so ready to welcome her back !

Can you feel the power of coming together with other woman who are giving their yes to owning there power fully and have the courage to dive deep ?

The medicine of the dark feminine - Priestesse of the dark

She awakens your deepest desire within guiding your way forward

She feels save in her sexual expression

She loves to work with her own shadows

She feels confident and sexy within her own skin

She know how to set clear boundaries

She knows she is naturally magnetic for all her desires

She creates and serve from a space of soul and power

She balances her light feminine within

You are a souvereign being and came here to create from your purest expression

Do you feel her inside asking for space to be expressed and remembered ? So that she finally can guide you deeply embodied in your truth ?

This is for you 🔥🔥🔥

Why I am teaching it ?

Cause for me this is the base

We can not build own soulbuisness, our offerings when she is not alive within 🔥

Then we will always fall in the drapes of comparison, feelings of unworthiness, giving up or giving the power away.

She is the one igniting your magnetism all the way on 🔥

How would it feel when you would know not only intellectually but inside your body that everything is attracted to you

in the right timing? Letting go of control, stress of doing more,

needing to prove, asking for permission, waiting for others.

No that is not her Way 🔥

She doesn’t wait

She goes

She creates by moving forward guided from her intuition

She follows her inner guidance without compromises


I am sooo excited to welcome you !