This book is a great help if you are thinking about buying a property. Now or at a later date.

It is irrelevant what purpose the purchase is intended to serve, ie whether you want to live in the property yourself, rent it out, or simply invest your money in tangible assets.

Most real estate buyers, who are not yet experienced, are afraid. Scared of the unknown, but above all - scared of losing money. Perhaps you still feel insecure dealing with all the experts of the different institutions.

  • To have certainty about what comes next
  • That you have the chance to get a good deal (and not the leftovers offered by the old hands)
  • To sharpen your overview , even as an experienced investor
  • Optimize your investment deals

You simply want that good feeling that your decision is well-founded and the right one for you.

With this book, you have the bird`s eye view and recognize the different paths and can thus decide which path is the right one for you and not a dead end.

Knowledge is not only power but pure money if you have it.

We give you all the power and the self-confidence to take full control and responsibility as a property buyer, knowing in each step, what you do, and why.

It's time: time to make decisions consciously and GET PAID for it. The goal is not only to avoid pitfalls in order to save money but to earn money with real estate investments!