What are quanta and how can you use quantum energy for self-healing?
What exactly is quantum entanglement and what do you get out of the insights it brings?

In this book written by Anne Hild and Oliver Schacke, you will find answers to these essential and forward-looking questions.

In the book's first part, Anne Hild gives important information about the basics of quantum theory in a generally understandable way, allowing you to quickly get a good understanding of quanta, frequency therapy and the great possibilities of healing.

In the second part of the book, Oliver Schacke provides sensational information on the application of a new technology within the 90.10. project as well as on the functioning and use of the MedBed. From him you will also learn how to control this technology using your consciousness.

With this knowledge you can use quantum energy and frequencies for your self-healing in a targeted manner. Right now, not only in a few years.

Try it today with this book! It is the first of its kind in the world to be made of intelligent matter. Find out what effect it has on your body and mind!

This is what you get:

  • The book "The MedBed Effect" as an audio download.

  • Intelligent matter: The audio download is quantum physically refined and actively supports your self-healing potential through this property after a registration in the quantum network.

  • 120 pages of red-hot knowledge in the field of modern holistic medicine.

  • Exciting, insightful hearing material - for your increase in consciousness.

  • Insights into current research and the latest findings in quantum research, which are attracting ever-increasing public interest.

  • Mind over matter: you'll learn how to influence your well-being with your consciousness.