Are you ready to evolve your relationship with your voice into something incredible, empowered, and even transcendent? In this training, you'll experience your voice in a whole new way!

  • Deep dive into the transformative nature of your voice, overcoming blocks that have held you back
  • Radically transform your judgements about your voice and how you're able to use it
  • Express yourself and your needs with confidence and ease in any situation
  • Use your voice as an empowered, embodied tool to radically transform the space around you
  • Have the impact you know you can through your voice
  • Gain effective, practical tools to help you unleash the full power, potential and possibilities of your voice
Training Topics include:
  • Rewriting one’s vocal narrative and identity into an expressive, empowered one
  • Techniques to be present to, integrate and/or release unresolved issues, trapped energy and traumatic experience in the Soma that block vocalisation, self-expression, and creative freedom
  • Deepening Somatic Awareness to support understanding, healing and integration of unresolved issues and as a response to personal triggers
  • Shock release via vocalising, toning and movement
  • Exploring the energy and intention behind the words
  • Embodying characters & emotions for personal empowerment through the voice
  • Intentionally transforming spaces through presence and voice
  • Body mapping and embodied expression to connect to alienated parts and release blocked energy
  • Establishing boundaries, standing for oneself and one’s voice
  • Expanded creative expression through movement and toning
  • Intuitive and improvised singing
  • Emotional singing and heart connected, authentic expression
Included in the Training:
  • Circa 22 hrs livestream sessions
  • Access to Video Replay of Sessions (if unable to attend live)
  • Detailed workbook
  • Certificate of Participation for The Transformative Voice: Voice Alchemy (upon completion)
Livestream Session Dates:
Takes place at Berlin time (UTC+2)
  • Sep 6, 9:30-16:00
  • Sep 7, 9:30-16:00
  • Sep 10, 18:30-21:30
  • Sep 12, 18:30-21:30
*If you are unable to attend the livestream session, you'll be given time-limited access to the video replay of the sessions.

Course plan