Are you ready to evolve your relationship with your voice into something incredible, empowered, and even transcendent? In this Transformative Voice: Voice Alchemy Training, you'll experience your voice in a whole new way! You'll learn to embody its vibration and embrace its essence as an unlimited potential that can enrich your personal, professional, and creative life.

In this 22-hour, livestream training you'll be guided on a journey of inner discovery into the essence of your voice, gaining effective, practical tools to help you unleash the full power, potential and possibilities of your voice.

Training Topics Include:

  • Getting to know the voice as a tool for personal healing and transformation
  • The power of Sound on the internal experience (inc. the principles of resonance and variable brainwave states)
  • Vocalising, toning and singing in the therapeutic context
  • Identifying and releasing blocks in the psychosomatic (body-voice-spirit) system through toning, singing and movement
  • Resonant connection and intentional tonal massage for embodied awareness and grounding
  • Developing the Felt Ear
  • The power of silence and inner listening to tune into and release the inner sound
  • The yogic based energetic system
  • Chakra tones for emotional-psychological connection and release
  • The power of Mantra for emotional-psychological connection and release
  • Mantra chanting for personal connection, self-regulation and space creation
  • Developing a chanting practice
  • Developing toning and singing techniques, including the practice of overtones
  • Voice baths as sound therapy offerings for ourselves and others
  • Building a connection to others through toning and singing
  • Finding synergy toning and singing with other people and instruments
Included in the Training:
  • Circa 22 hrs livestream sessions
  • Access to Video Replay of Sessions (if unable to attend live)
  • Detailed workbook
  • Certificate of Participation for The Transformative Voice: Voice Alchemy (upon completion)
Livestream Session Dates:
Takes place at Berlin time (UTC+2)
  • June 27, 18:30-21:30
  • June 29, 9:30-16:00
  • June 30, 9:30-16:00
  • July 4, 18:30-21:30
*If you are unable to attend the livestream session, you'll be given time-limited access to the video replay of the sessions.

Course plan