Are you ready to evolve your relationship with your voice into something incredible, empowered, and even transcendent? In this training, you'll experience your voice in a whole new way!
Infuse more vitality and energy into your life
Embody your voice, using it confidently, with ease, in any situation
Understand vocal mechanics and how to maintain vocal health
Gain empowered breathing techniques for vocal support and self-regulation
Use your breath and voice as embodied tools to stay grounded, reconnect, and find calm whenever stress creeps in

Training Topics Include:
  • Vocal & breathing anatomy and physiology
  • Techniques to come into and rest in the body
  • Establishing correct posture and the “seat of the voice”
  • Understanding supportive breathing for personal regulation and vocalisation
  • The role of the nervous system in inner state creation
  • Vagus nerve and vagal nerve toning (via breathing and vocalisation)
  • Understand the interplay between Body, Breath, and Voice on inner state regulation
  • Identifying and releasing blocks in the physical system
  • Learning a diverse array of breathing techniques for internal state change and self-regulation
  • Establishing healthy breathing and vocalising practices
  • Understanding vocal mechanics and embodied vocal flow
  • Learn techniques for vocal release, stabilisation, power, and projection
  • Creating a regular vocal practice through targeted exercises to unlock the complete voice
  • Techniques for vocal health and maintenance
  • Speak or tone authentically from the heart for Soul expression
  • Toning as a tool for meditation
Included in the Training:
  • Circa 22 hrs livestream sessions
  • Access to Video Replay of Sessions (if unable to attend live)
  • Detailed workbook
  • Certificate of Participation for The Transformative Voice: Voice Activation (upon completion)
Livestream Session Dates:
Takes place at Berlin time (UTC+2)
  • Nov 29, 9:30-15:00
  • Nov 30, 9:30-15:00
  • Dec 01, 9:30-15:00
  • Dec 06, 9:30-12:30
*If you are unable to attend the livestream session, you'll be given time-limited access to the video replay of the sessions.

Course plan