• Do you want to feel incredible on the inside?
  • Do you long to genuinely appreciate the person staring back at you in the mirror?
You deserve an empowered, uplifting and loving relationship to the one person who matters more than anyone else on this planet, you!

Because the relationship you have to yourself makes all the difference. It creates the foundation for every other relationship you have. It’s the blueprint for how people see and treat you, and it guides how you feel every single day. Even the way you love others is formed by this. Nothing is more important, and yet it’s often the one thing most neglected.

In this self-love course, I invite you to stop the wheel of judgement, people pleasing and prioritising others’ needs before your own. I invite you to let go of comparison, transform your limiting beliefs, and release the blocks holding you back from an empowered relationship with yourself. Join me on this gentle journey to raise self-esteem, radiate self-worth and experience the bliss of loving yourself unconditionally!

In this Self-Paced Video Course, You’ll Get:

  • 6 x 20-minute Video Lessons on the 6 Self-Love Strategies
  • Each Lesson Broken Down in Smaller Sessions
  • 2 Easy to Practice Exercises for Every Lesson
  • A Beautiful Workbook with All Exercises To Use Anywhere
  • Printable Journal Sheets to Help You Integrate the Lessons
  • Bonus Guided Meditations to Download
  • Lifetime Access to the Material
  • Video Content that’s Informative & Joyful to Watch

PLUS you’ll also receive an extra 30% of bonus material including:

  • A Transformative Meditation on Boundaries as a Gift
  • Additional Exercises to Boost Self-Confidence
  • An Inclusive Self-Love Guided Movement Session

Course plan

Loving Deeper: Introduction to the Course
Loving Deeper: Course Content
Loving Deeper: Bonus Material