• Do you want to love your voice and the way you use it?
  • Do you want to communicate confidently, with ease, in any situation?
Your voice is your most powerful resource to express yourself with. It communicates your thoughts, feelings, intellect and personality to the world.

The way you speak and the way you sound shapes the image others have of you. It affects how they feel about you and how they perceive you.

So, are you ready to connect with your authentic voice and truly express yourself?

This Course is for You, if You Wish to:
  • Access your complete voice and vocal potential
  • Express yourself confidently
  • Speak effortlessly with clarity and impact
  • Diversify the sound of your voice and improve its overall quality
  • Get rid of any nasty vocal habits you have that cause fatigue, voice loss, hoarseness, burning or itching sensations
  • Speak with ease in any situation
  • Get your voice out of your throat and into the world
  • Use your voice to consciously create connection with others
  • Drop that inner critic and replace it with a loving, supportive inner voice
  • Use your voice to set healthy, firm boundaries with others
  • Have a loving relationship to your unique voice
Course Details - You’ll Get:
  • 8 hours of motivating & informative video content to go through at your own pace
  • Over 40 practical, easy-to-use exercises for fast results
  • 5 beautiful, downloadable Voice Empowerment workbooks
  • Supportive, guided visualisations for impact & transformation
  • 24-month access to the course content
  • Optional 1-to-1 Voice Empowerment coaching
  • Bonus material!

Course plan

Welcome to Express Your SELF!
Module 1: Love Yourself & Your Voice
Module 2: Accept Yourself & Your Voice
Module 3: Transform Yourself & Your Voice
Module 4: Release Yourself & Your Voice