Are you looking for a simple way to ease yourself into a daily mindfulness practice?

Would you like to learn practical tools that you can take anywhere and use anytime to help you:
  • reconnect to your breath
  • calm your nerves & anxiety
  • boost your self-confidence
  • strengthen self-love
  • expand your compassion
  • increase your wellbeing & joy
This 7-Day short program is designed to do exactly that!
In this PDF &  accompanying audio exercises you'll learn a new tool each day and be encouraged to integrate it into your day with ease.

Each of the seven days will be presented to you in the following ways:
✦ An Introduction ⇢ Background information about the day’s Mindfulness Tool that you’ll learn
✦ The Mindfulness Tool ⇢ This will be either a short, approximately 5-minute guided meditation set to ambient background music or a guided priming exercise.
✦ The Day’s Challenge ⇢ A motivational task to help you consciously integrate the day’s Mindfulness Tool into your life
✦ A Helpful Hint ⇢ Additional tips to help you with the Day's Challenge

To give you enough time to do the exercise, I'd recommend putting aside 10-15 minutes a day.

At the end of the 7 days you can expect to have learned seven different mindfulness tools that you can apply directly into your life:
  • to help you manage stress and anxiety
  • develop greater self-awareness
  • increase self-love and compassion
  • live from a calmer place within