Diana Bachhäubl
"Gina was able to convey more vocal technique in 12 weeks than during my entire singing studies."
Carolin Paul
"I had given up that I would ever be able to sing above C5. After 4 lessons with Gina I sang higher than C5! I see results for the first time in ages."
Rebecca Kleineidam
"Gina teaches you that your voice has no limits. I feel like a real singer now."
Roxanna Rawson
"Working with Gina has been completely transformational and empowering. My voice has gotten a lot stronger, I can do a lot more things with my voice."
Gino Emnes
"Gina knows how to listen to me. I feel heard and I feel pushed in a positive way."
Judith Peres
"Thanks to Gina's vocal technique, I feel a lot more secure and confident on stage. Singing is now much more fun than it used to be."
Carolin Pausch
"Gina was always able to convey things, e.g. via illustrations, charts or metaphors, so that you could really understand it in the end."