Get those 2 GFP Editions for 1 price and save money!

The GFP FLOORWORK Edition + the GFP CHAIR Edition 1 (All level)

GFP FLOORWORK Edition (All level)

In this edition it's all about Floorwork

Learn how to move sexy, graceful and slinky on the floor.

This package is worth at least 200,- €/245,-$ !

You'll receive 9 floorwork routine tutorials with step by step explanation to train whenever and wherever you want.

Release your inner floorwork goddess with us !

Have fun with the following trainers on the floor:

Christina Dy

Christina Heinrich
Jaclyn Choo
Jax Spencer

Jordan Kensley
Keri Gold
Mona Arbinger

Rika Torres

All Levels

In this edition it's all about CHAIR:

CHAIR Tricks
CHAIR Workouts

You'll receive 23 videos with step by step explanation to train whenever and wherever you want.

5 Chair Dance Choreographies
9 Chair Tricks Videos
2 Chair Workouts
1 Chair Planks Tutorial
1 Chairwalks Tutorial

3 Tutorials with audio explanation from the GFP CHAIR Challenge

Bonus: 2 videos with some Furniture Fun Tricks

Moreover we have some additional tips & tricks videos integrated.
(What kind of chair, Security advise, Wrist Warm Up)

Those amazing trainers will train with you:

Anne Eyer
Christine Stein
Emma Louise
Heidi Coker (furniture tricks)
Jaclyn Choo
Rika Torres
Mona Arbinger
Shaay Paigee

Stephanie Tallant

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Thank you for your time and decision to train with us.