This package includes the whole material of the first GET FIT & POLE Online Congress including training tracks and bonus material.
You have several months of training with this + so much additional resources and knowledge.

This package includes over 60 single tutorials (warm up, workout, stretching, pole) + aditional plank sessions + HOW TO material
All in one place.

We created a training track for you you can follow whenever convenient.

The material is made for beginner to intermediate polers.

With buying this package you support everybody involved and get lifetime access.

Trainers presenting:

- Brit Bloem
- Christine Stein
- Colleen Jolly
- Heidi Coker
- Jax Spencer
- Julia Pengler
- Mona Arbinger
- Rika Torres
- Stefanie Eroglu
- Stephanie Tallant
- Veeniz
- Vlada Zhizhchenko

International pole stars give you their wisdom of decades of training, teaching and performing.

If you are a complete beginner you'll find everything you need to get started in one place.
As an intermediate poler you find new combos, tips, inspiration and very personal impressions from amazing pole stars.

We invite you to check out our social media platforms for more visual food.
Thank you for your time and decision to train with us.

Course plan

Day 1 - Britt Bloem
Day 2 - Colleen Jolly
Day 3 - Julia Pengler
Day 4 - Jax Spencer
Day 5 - Workout & Conditioning - No Joke
Day 6 - Mona Arbinger
Day 7 - Vlada Zhizhchenko
Day 8 - Heidi Coker
Bonus Material
Training Track Beginner
Training Track Intermediate
Special Workouts & Conditioning