Basic package: Financial plan for three years

  • Financial planning
  • Liquidity planning
  • Delivery time: 1-3 working days

Creating a financial plan is not so easy for inexperienced people. Having a financial plan drawn up by the professionals at the Flubes Invest means getting professional help and reaching your goal. The professionals at the Flubes Invest create a customised and perfectly tailored financial plan. Working with our experts has many advantages for you. A financial plan is always drawn up for a specific purpose (loan application, funding, attracting investors, etc.) and the plan must be tailored to this purpose. In the end, you want to reach your goal. In addition to the necessary expertise, we have years of experience. We deliver the perfect result. A professional financial plan includes a detailed description of the business project. We also provide a market and competition analysis. We develop an objectively sustainable and verifiable set of figures. Of course, quality has its price. However, we only ever charge for the actual cost. We calculate each financial plan individually and always offer you a fixed price guarantee.