Unlock Your Confidence - Be prepared for Business Talk

Are you tired of feeling left out in professional gatherings? Ready to transform casual conversations into a potent tool that forges connections and opens doors in the business world? Your solution is here.

Presenting "Elevate Your Business Talks" - your tailored path to becoming a master of business conversations in German. This program is meticulously crafted to elevate your communication prowess, bolster your confidence, and position you as a small talk expert in every professional setting.

What you can expect from "Get ready for Small Talk":

  • 6 Individual Trainings with Doris on Zoom (each 50 minutes)

  • flexible time schedule

  • classes are tailored to your specific needs

  • bring your own topics or choose from topics like

    • Conversation Skills for Business

    • German for Customer Service

    • Telephone German

    • Phrasal Verbs and Idioms for Business

    • Presentation Skills

    • Email writing

Detailed description of the program

  • Commence: Initial Consultation

    • Uncover your strengths and areas for improvement in professional communication.

    • Establish personalized objectives for your journey to enhance small talk skills in a business context.

  • Practical Trainings and Personalized Coaching

    • Participate in hands-on small talk exercises tailored for professional contexts. Feel free to introduce your own discussion topics or select from our curated list of 20+ business-related subjects.

    • Acquire insights into cultural subtleties that enhance the authenticity of your conversations.

    • Benefit from insightful feedback, individualized tips, and detailed notes following each training session.

  • Next steps: Performance Review and Forward-Looking Session

    • Let's collaborate on crafting a strategy for sustained enhancement, whether through ongoing coaching, regular progress assessments, or autonomous implementation of acquired skills.

BONUS: Support during the program
- WhatsApp and/or Email support for additional questions (from Monday till Friday).

Ready to enhance your professional networking skills? Join us on this transformative journey!

Reserve your spot for "Elevate Your Business Talks" now and harness the influence of articulate conversations in German. Seize the opportunities that effective small talk can bring to both your personal and professional spheres.

Your success story begins with a strategic dialogue—let's make it a reality!

Let’s get started now!